2013 to date (4years) -- Founder of the company Mat&More & Designer
Mat & More is a design company founded by Mathilde de Blois in 2012. Mat & More consults on product design, interior design and graphic design projects for clients. Projects include product branding as well as packaging design or illustrations.

Mat & More extensively works on self initiated projects to help adults and children express their feelings and communicate about difficult subjects, to overcome life’s difficulties together and reinforce family cohesion: the Nino Collection.

Mat & More aims to provide personalized and high quality services to all kinds of customers, from individuals to industrial SMEs, to continue growing thanks to a network of loyal customers.

Graphic Design: Includes visual identity, Logo, Website design, Print...
- Le foyer de confiance (2016)
- Famata Lodge (2016)
- Marins Sans Frontières (2016)
- My Garden Loft (Since 2013)
- Mobilitas (September 2015)
- La crêpe ki rie (2014)
- Alliance Française CPT (2014)
- Augusta&Little big Data (2014)

Interior Design:
- Ballario (Since 2016)
- Wedding Galery @317 (2013)
- My Garden Loft (Since 2013)
- La crêpe ki rie (2014)

Packaging & product Design:
- Majordomes (2015)
- African Jacquard (2013)
- The Circle of Love (2013)
- Strategic Events (2013)

- FSACCI (2015)
- Majordomes (2015)
- Les Larmes du Cotopaxi (2014)

The Nino Collection: a Self initiated project
- Identifying a problem: a lack of communication within families may prevent its members from overcoming life’s challenges smoothly.
- Finding a solution: creation of stories and activities and offer them to families through Nino, a little green dinosaur, for a playful easy home use.
- Design and development: Nino is available through various vessels: stuffed toys, books, wooden figurines, puppets, Apps ...
To implement these elements, I worked as a project manager and worked with different professions: designers, developers, illustrators, writers, actors, singers, musicians, toys manufacturing enterprises in China ...
- Marketing of the project : Nino has a website, Facebook page, is live tested with families and professionals. It was exhibited in France and South Africa, won a prize for innovation in the field of “Community Upliftment”, was shown on TV, radio and specialized magazines.
Adopted by families, psychologists and schools, and has been very helpful