Self initiated project : THE NINO COLLECTION (Since June 2012)

You can Download the apps for free on the apple store:
> in English: Nino's mourning and Nino's brother
> en Francais: Le deuil de Nino et Nino a un frère

IDENTIFYING A PROBLEM: a lack of communication within families may prevent its members from overcoming life’s challenges smoothly. FINDING A SOLUTION: creation of stories and activities and offer them to families through Nino, a little green dinosaur, for a playful easy home use. DESIGN AND

DEVELOPMENT: Nino is available through various vessels: stuffed toys, books, wooden figurines, puppets, Apps ...
To implement these elements, I worked as a project manager and worked with different professions: designers, developers, illustrators, writers, actors, singers, musicians, toys manufacturing enterprises in China ...

MARKETING OF THE PROJECT : Nino has a website, Facebook page, is live tested with families and professionals. It was exhibited in France and South Africa, won a prize for innovation in the field of “Community Upliftment”, was shown on TV, radio and specialized magazines.

Adopted by families, psychologists and schools, and has been very helpful.

Nino 1: Introduction

Nino 2: Marketting

Nino 3: Développement